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A successful business will always have paper that needs to be filed or archived - there is no way around it.  Digital Office Solutions has been serving the Valley for twenty years, with document and data management experts providing solutions that will increase your efficiency and backup your critical data.


Whether you have a hundred documents or millions of files, we can help you with document management by providing prompt, quality service at a competitive price.


Our client list includes all types and sizes of businesses - from individuals and small offices, to branches of the federal government and some of the largest companies in the world.  At Digital Office Solutions we enjoy finding the optimal solution for each individual client's document retention, access, and backup needs.  In addition, we provide these services at a fair price that is lower than most businesses can achieve in-house. 


Your documents will remain secure with a variety of safeguards and the work will be done in our office - not Mexico or India.  Additionally, we can help you to keep your information safe after the conversion.  You can then share the data with those you choose and it will be done easily and securely.


By law, there are certain documents that may need to be held in their original form.  In addition to scanning, we offer document storage and warehousing.  Please view our Services page and Contact Us to answer any questions you might have.  You can also click here to get a Free On-line Quote for your records management project.


Disasters happen every day.  Without using scare tactics, it is important for your digital files to be securely backed up - preferrably at a remote location.  Paper files don't offer this option, but we can help you to have additional copies by creating backups with a variety of methods and at different prices.


If you are looking for a secure, reliable, cost-effective way to store your documents digitally in your office, on-line, or in a secure warehouse environment, call the document scanning service Phoenix and the surrounding metro area rely upon for quality and service.  Call Digital Office Solutions today at 480-699-6570.


No security or protection

Government level encryption with passwords


No backup copies (no protection from fire,

water damage, rodent damage, theft, etc)

Off-site backup on encrpted disks/computers


Bulky, heavy, with large space requirements

Frees space for revenue producing activity  


Off-site storage and retrieval expensive

Files at your fingertips - but out of sight         


No remote access to information

Files securely recalled from any location 24/7


Difficult to find required information

Documents are keyword searchable via OCR 


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