We Provide Better Scanning at Lower Costs Than You Can Find Elsewhere

Quite simply, we are BETTER, CHEAPER, and FASTER

1) We are Better.  We are Arizona owned and do the work here in our secure office - unlike many companies that will send your documents to another state, to Mexico, or even India.


Our production-level scanners will quickly and accurately scan your documents giving you clear, searchable images that will stay that way until you decide to destroy all copies.  Our software packages automatically enhance and correct the scanned images before they are checked by the technician, and checked again for quality control.  Our motivated and experienced professionals have one job - that is to give you the best images possible from your paper documents.


2) We are Faster.  We have been called by companies that tried to complete the project themselves.  We don't mind.  It isn't always obvious what will be required for successful conversion or how much work it entails.  In a single day our office can scan what might take a part-time employee weeks to convert, and with our equipment, software, and people our scans will be cleaner. 


3) We are Cheaper.  While our prices are similar or better than our competitors; combining our level of service makes us a much better value.  In addition, we provide paperless office conversion  with quality assurance - at price structures that most offices find save them money over attempting to do it themselves.


We have experienced professionals that are committed to these objectives.  When Digital Office Solutions completes your Document Management project, you avoid equipment purchase and maintenance costs. You eliminate employee training expenses, payroll and payroll taxes, and labor burdens such as benefits, sick days, vacation, etc.  You free your office from paper files and required scanning or storage space - making it available for productive activity. 

The most common thing we hear from a new client is, "We should have called you years ago."

Office space is the most expensive place to store paper, especially when that space can be used for revenue-generating activity.  Storing documents in off-site self-storage areas is inefficient and no one wants to go look through dusty, insect-infested files in July to find a needed record.  It can even be dangerous; we have had clients who utilized us after their employees were injured while transporting or retrieving paper records.


Your journey toward becoming a paperless office begins here.  To start saving money with our quality Document Management services

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We provide document scanning and data management services for:

Accounting (Including Investigative and Forensic)



Architects and Engineers

Churches and Non-Profit Organizations

Communication Specialists

Contractors and Tradesmen

Defense Contractors

Financial Advisors

Government Agencies

HOAs and Property Managers

Human Resource Files

Legal (especially Estate Planning)



Real Estate

Technology Sectors

Universities and Academia

Individuals and businesses of all types and sizes throughout Arizona and western United States

Digital Office Solutions


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Additionally, cities across our state and the nation

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