My Data is Digitized and Backed Up.         Now What?

Permissions and rights need to be granted to all users of secure data.  This applies to paper and digital files.  Decisions and policies regarding who can see certain data and what data is needed to efficiently perform each job function must be made.  A record of access must be kept for internal or external audit. 


This governance program can be quite involved and complicated, but isn't always so.  Digital Office Solutions can work with you and your managers and stakeholders to assist you in the process, keeping you within regulatory compliance and improving task efficiency by the way data is delivered and used.  A holistic approach to your data needs will classify and organize your information, provide backup or archival if not already done, and protect it from inside or outside threats.  Metrics will provide measurable proof to stakeholders of the policies and actions ROI/value. The policies are transparent and the program is scaleable.


Contact us to discuss your needs or to get statrted in your assessment.  Your Risk Management team will love you, you will no longer fear audits, and you can focus on what you do best.

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