Document Scanning and Data Management

Document Scanning

We offer free scheduled or as-needed pick up and delivery of files and reasonable pricing structures without hidden charges.  Your scanned files can be securely shredded and destroyed, or re-assembled and returned to you.


Nearly any paper document can be scanned and archived, including blueprints, billing statements, receipts, employee or client files, Human Resource records, etc.  Our professional document management services include basic image scanning and archiving, searchable OCR documents, bar-code document scanning with auto indexing, image correction, restoration, clean-up, etc.  The processed files can be delivered in a variety of methods in almost any file format you require.  If you need a single file or document immediately and it is in our possession, we can deliver it to you electronically in a secure manner.

Shredding and Secure Document Destruction

For your safety and legal compliance issues, offer government-level document destruction with a Certificate of Destruction showing the date that the process was completed.

On-line Backup and Cloud Storage Solutions

Once your data is scanned and archived, it is an easy step to create additional copies (or current working copies) to be held off-site or with on-line cloud storage.  This provides insurance against any loss of data due to accident, hardware failure, or disaster.  If you're relying solely on paper files or a single copy of digital files, a fire or other disaster could do irreparable damage to your business.  Numerous studies have shown rates as high as 75% of organizations that experience such a catastrophe NEVER RECOVER from the loss.  We can prevent that from happening to you.  Many businesses require a daily or weekly backup that is securely held off-site to enable them to recover from computer crash or other severe disaster.  We can provide you with this service at reasonable rates, please Contact Us for details.


We employ a variety of security measures within our office, on our computers, and among our personnel. In addition, your project will be completed by our employees in Arizona, unlike other companies who send your documents to California or out of the United States. We will  transfer our security measures to your office by delivering the images in encrypted form and we can provide data backups in many secure formats that you can access in case of catastrophe. 


Beyond price and security, quality images and a quick turn-around are important.  We have successfully completed demanding projects with diverse documents - sometimes under deadline or emergency situations.  We can handle almost any volume or any type of document with the professional care that you need.


Our services are designed to be secure and worry-free.  Your documents will be protected and scanned in our secure Tempe office location - not in someone's garage, and not shipped out of the state, (or country) as other firms do.  They are processed by trusted employees that have worked for us for many years.  We have been doing this successfully since 1999 and strive to make your paperless office transition as safe and as simple for you as possible.


Contact Us to answer any questions you might have or for a free on-line quote.

Service Area

Our primary service area is Phoenix and the surrounding metro area.  However, we have served clients throughout the state of Arizona and United States Contact Us for information on your document management needs.

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