Financial Document Scanning and Archiving

Many of the software packages in use today by accountants and financial professionals produce digital files that are kept within the office or on-line.  However, there are supporting documents such as receipts, third-party reports, and other paper files that need to be retained, sometimes indefinitely.


Think for a minute about the paper documents and digital data in your office or storage area right now.  There are many that you cannot afford to lose.  Fire, smoke, or the associated water damage renders them useless.  Theft makes them available to whoever chooses to use the information.  Digital Office Solutions will help you archive and backup these documents in an effective manner so that they will be out of sight, but always on-hand when required.  Documents are safely and securely stored until needed - possibly years from now in an audit or litigation situation.


Because of the nature of these documents, we can provide working and backup copies that employ protection through government-level encryption.  It is highly unlikely that the documents could ever be viewed by unauthorized individuals and your liability is greatly reduced.   


Beyond financial document scanning we offer a variety of services to make the conversion as simple and worry-free as possible. 


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