Legal Document Scanning and Archiving

Legal and supporting documents for litigation need to be stored, copied, or provided to other parties upon request.  In addition, we realize that certain documents need to be held in their original (paper) format, and we offer safe warehousing of those documents so that they can be recalled as needed. 


Documents can be converted to digital format and stored on computers or servers.  By scanning and archiving these documents you will have them at your immediate recall and can send an entire file or selected images electronically, or print them to paper as needed.


In addition to litigation and supporting documents, the process is extremely effective for Estate Planning document archiving.


Outsourcing your document and data requirements to Digital Office Solutions gives you a professional, experienced records management service while freeing your employees from the hassle and backlog of scanning files.  It also frees office space needed for the task and eliminates the associated clutter.  We have a variety of solutions to fit many practices and we would be happy to work with you to create the optimal solution for your office.


Because many documents can be too important to lose, your information can easily be backed up to secure cloud servers that prevent loss from any disaster such as fire, theft, or act of God.  There will never be degradation of documents, meaning they will always look as good as the day they were scanned or stored on-line.


Usually we can convert documents at a lower cost than our clients can by scanning the information themselves.  Learn more on why this is possible.



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